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Evasion of environmental, legal and financial producer obligations through online retail platforms –

Evasion of environmental, legal and financial producer obligations through online retail platforms –

16 October 2019

More and more consumers purchase electrical products through online marketplaces. However, a recent survey by EucoLight members has uncovered that an alarming proportion of such products do not comply with their environmental, legal and financial obligations. The survey examined seven different product types sold through an online marketplace in 10 member states. The results showed that in most cases, over 80% of the checked products did not comply with the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

This exceptionally high level of non-compliance leads to unfair competition, orphan waste and environmental problems.

EucoLight is organizing a conference on 6th November 2019 in Brussels starting at 13:00 to discuss problems and solutions for „Preventing evasion of extended producer responsibility obligations through online platforms”. Over the last 3 years the issue and impact on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems has been raised at EU and national level. This conference will reveal the full results of the survey undertaken. It will showcase the work now being undertaken by Member States to tackle this issue. It will help create a roadmap for driving compliance within online marketplaces.

As Marc Guiraud, Secretary General of EucoLight, points out: “The scale of the problem is increasing. At our conference we will hear of national solutions, intentions from the EU and responses from online marketplaces. We are pleased to have the relevant and important stakeholders at the conference to highlight developments and solutions “.

In particular the topic will be relevant to:

• Extended producer responsibility organisations

• Producer, consumer, distributor and online retail representatives

• European, international and national institutions and Governments

• Market surveillance experts

The agenda of the event can be found here as well as the online booking form. Places are strictly limited, and so early booking is recommended.

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About EucoLight

EucoLight is The European association of collection and recycling organisations for WEEE lamps and lighting. On behalf of its 20 members, EucoLight engages with everything related to the WEEE Directive, legislations and standards affecting the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting. EucoLight members collect and recycle, in aggregate, 80 % of the lamps waste collected in the 19 countries in which they operate.

EucoLight is the voice of European WEEE compliance schemes specialised in managing the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting; working to make the circular economy a reality for lighting products.

Founded mid-2015, EucoLight has quickly embarked into constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders to provide expertise in the field of management and treatment of WEEE lighting and to promote the positive role of Extended Producer Responsibility schemes on the environment and society.

For more information, visit the EucoLight website www.eucolight.org, follow EucoLight on Twitter @EucoLight or contact the Secretary General, Marc Guiraud (marc.guiraud@eucolight.org).

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