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EPR Club Lunch Debate hosted by EucoLight, EXPRA and WEEE Forum, Online Sales and Free-riders, 18 Ju

Representatives from EPR organisations, the European Commission, online platforms and Member States met to discuss possible solutions to the problem of EPR non-compliance on online sales in an EPR Club lunch debate hosted by EucoLight, EXPRA and WEEE Forum. When EPR was introduced nearly 30 years ago, practically all of the products under EPR were sold by retail stores with a small part of specialised catalogue distance sellers existing. Already in these days in the 1990s, this sector had a lower compliance than other sectors with local retailers. With the success of internet trade which enables the (private and commercial) consumer to buy directly at a seller without visiting a stationary t

EucoLight welcomes the publication of the OECD report on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and

EucoLight, the European Association of lighting WEEE Compliance schemes, congratulates the OECD for the recent publication of its report on ‘Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the impact of online sales’, to which EucoLight members contributed. EucoLight considers that this recognition of the challenge of online WEEE non-compliance, or free-riding, faced by EPR organizations is a vital first step to addressing the problem. Furthermore, EucoLight wholeheartedly endorses the recommendation to define multi seller online platforms as ‘producers’ of the products that they list from non-registered companies, and that transit through their fulfilment houses. As the report indicates, online

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