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EucoLight Members are Producer Responsibility Organisations that specialise in the collection and recycling of lighting products.

Most have more than 10 years of experience in operating WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Producer Compliance Schemes and are making the Circular Economy a reality for lighting in Europe.

In total, they represent 80% of the lamp waste collected and recycled, in the 19 European countries where they operate.

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''EucoLight helps us to track the political processes in Brussels and allows us to share our operational expertise with important stakeholders to achieve more effective legislation. EucoLight is developing into an impactful association in Brussels and has successfully represented our industry on various occasions. With the strategic priorities of Eucolight clearly defined, we look forward to further benefit from our EucoLight membership.”


Stephan Riemann

General Manager, Lightcycle

European lighting WEEE compliance schemes


Ambilamp – Spain

Appliances Recycling SA – Greece

Ecolamp – Italy

Ecosystem – France

EES-Ringlus – Estonia

Ekolamp – Czech Republic

Ekolamp – Slovakia

Electrão- Portugal

Electro-Coord – Hungary

ElektroEko – Poland

Elretur - Denmark

FLIP – Finland

Lightcycle – Germany

LightRec – Netherlands

Recolamp – Romania

Recolight – United Kingdom

Recupel – Belgium

UFH – Austria

ZEOS - Slovenia

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Lighting Europe

LightingEurope is an industry association representing leading European lighting manufacturers, national lighting associations, and companies producing materials.

EucoLight WEEE compliance scheme members