Become a member of EucoLight

The European association of lighting WEEE schemes.
Securing the future of lighting WEEE schemes in Europe.

The Collection & Recycling of lighting equipment is facing unprecedented challenges and exciting opportunities with the transition to new technologies and a rapidly changing regulatory environment. The business of collecting lighting WEEE is evolving, reinventing its approach to meet the needs of the 21st century.


EucoLight will strengthen the industry, becoming the main platform for the development and communication of industry positions shaping the future of lighting WEEE in Europe. It will add value to all lighting CRSOs in the fields of legislation, policy, logistics, standardization and communication.


To join this exciting organisation:

Please contact: Marc Guiraud 

Telephone: +32 487 344 876

for information on how to become a member.


In addition, if you believe that any other CRSO in your country may wish to join EucoLight, please indicate their contact details to Marc.