EucoLight webinar
EPR non-compliance through online marketplaces: the state of play

held on 09 March 2022- from 10:30 to 13:00 CET, via Zoom

The webinar includes presentations from member states that have implemented new legislation to control the problem. A number of different approaches are being adopted – the webinar gives an opportunity to compare the different strategies adopted. It also summarises initiatives at a European level that may tackle the problem and concludes with a marketplaces’ point of view on the topic.


Watch the recording to hear about the state of play from authorities and experts. 

Webinar replay


  • Introduction
    Mr Fabrizio D'Amico, Ecolamp, Chairman of EucoLight

  • Update on the implementation of the AGEC Law in France
    Mr Jean-Paul Auberger, Ecosystem, France

  • The compulsory verification in the German ElektroG
    Ms Anne Sachse, German Environment Agency, Germany 

  • How effective is the compulsory verification model in protecting the environment & consumers?
    Mr Philipp Sommer, Environmental Action Germany, Germany

  • Spanish measures against freeriding

       Ms Raquel Gomez Rodriguez, Spanish Environment Ministry, Spain​

  • How SOIVRE service of inspection can help tackle free-riders

       Mr Angel Gerardo Meléndez Hernández, Spanish Ministry of industry, trade and tourism, Spain

  • The new Finnish Waste law and authorities’ actions for compliance monitoring

       Ms Tiina Vermaete, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finland

  • Simplified Compliance Models and Competition Neutrality
    Mr Carlo Bardini, Italian Competition Authority, Italy

  • EPR non-compliance through online marketplaces: New regulation in Austria

        Ms Mag. Brigitte Reich, UFH, Austria

  • European Measures to Address the Online Free Riding Issue

       Ms Star Molteno, Eunomia Research and Consulting, United Kingdom

  • Other EU initiatives of potential interest to tackle online free riding

       Mr Marc Guiraud, EucoLight, Belgium

  • Re-thinking EPR compliance in a Digital Economy & SME-friendly world​

       Ms Caroline Heinz, DSS, United Kingdom​​

  • Q&A session
    Chaired by Ms Natalia Sierra, Ambilamp, Spain, with the support of Mr Nigel Harvey, Recolight, United Kingdom