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The voice of lighting WEEE

EucoLight is the voice of European lighting WEEE compliance schemes; specialists in managing the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting. Founded in 2015, EucoLight engages with:

  • everything related to the WEEE Directive

  • legislation and standards affecting the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting


EucoLight works  on behalf of its  members and is working to make the circular economy a reality for lighting products by:

  • Promoting the positive role of Extended Producer Responsibility schemes on the environment and society.

  • Engaging in constructive dialogue with stakeholders to provide expertise in the field of collection and recycling of WEEE lighting.


Working with its members, Eucolight:
  • Provides policy makers with effective input and technical expertise helping to shape policy for WEEE lighting.

  • Liaises with stakeholders.

  • Contributes to standardisation with specialist organisations.

  • Is committed to provide greater awareness for collection and recycling of WEEE lighting

  • Is an advocate for Extended Producer Responsibility; creating a level playing field.

  • Promotes and shares best practice for collection and recycling.

How we are set up

  • The General Assembly is the Sovereign body of EucoLight.

  • The Board of Directors are the Executive body of EucoLight.

  • A Secretariat is in charge of the day to day management of EucoLight

  • Working Groups are the engine of the political and association work.

General Assembly

All Members

Board of Directors

& Secretariat

Working Groups

EucoLight working groups


Our working Groups are the engine of our political and association work

They are formed of volunteers from member organisations and overseen by the EucoLight Secretariat.


Policy Working Group

The Policy Working Group monitors and seeks to influence the EU regulatory and legislative developments that affect the collection and recycling of lighting products. This includes the EU WEEE Directive, the EU Waste Framework Directive and the EU circular economy initiatives that are relevant to EucoLight members.

Chaired by Natalia Sierra Conde Saraiva de Carvalho from Ambilamp – Spain.


Marketing & Communications Working Group

The MarComms group aims to:

  • help EucoLight to have a respected voice in Brussels.

  • prepare the messaging that allows EucoLight members to promote EucoLight priorities at a national level

  • provide a platform to exchange experiences of increasing awareness of the collection of end of life lighting products.

Chaired by David Horcajada from Ambilamp – Spain

Logistics Working Group

The Logistics Working Groupp focuses on the operational aspects of the collection and recycling of lighting products. In particular, it provides technical expertise on collection and treatment. It notably monitors the developments of the standardisation in these fields and makes recommendations for quality recycling.

Chaired by Xavier Lantoinette from Ecosystem – France.


Meet the EucoLight Board


Hervé Grimaud

EucoLight Chairman

Ecosystem Deputy Managing Director

Hervé is an industrial engineer graduate with a master in finances, and has always worked in the industry field; starting in 1988 at General Electric as automation and production manager in its Electrical Distribution and Control division, moving to CEO of an aerospace high-tech company designing and producing cockpit instruments and lighting devices.


In 2005 Hervé was appointed to create and manage Récylum, the French collective scheme dedicated at startup to the collection and recycling of light sources.


Hervé is at present Deputy Managing Director of Ecosystem, the new name of the organisation that resulted from the merger ’Eco-systèmes and Récylum in July 2017. 


Hervé is deeply involved in both waste and lighting sectors:

  • Nominated by Minister of environment as member of National Wastes Council, in charge to provide advices about waste management policies set by French authorities.

  • Nominated by Minister of environment as member of the Extended Producer Responsibility harmonization committee.

  • Board Member of Association Francaise de l’Eclairage, a non for profit organization sharing knowledge and delivering advices about lighting.

  • Board Member of OCAD3E, the French non for profit WEEE coordination and collection clearing accredited organization.

Tomáš Rychetsky

EucoLight Vice-Chairman

EKOLAMP s.r.o General Manager

Tomáš graduated with Master’s degree from the Economic University of the Prague. He worked at various companies in the automotive and machine production industry. Here, he occupied several top management positions mainly focusing on sales, marketing and general management.

In 2015, Tomáš was appointed as Managing Director of EKOLAMP s.r.o., the leading compliance scheme in the lighting WEEE business in the Czech Republic with more than 400 participants and operating almost 5.000 collection points across the country.

Tomas is a member of the working group “waste” at the Czech Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he was appointed as advisor for WEEE of the Czech Chamber of Commerce at the legislative comment process at the government’s Legislative Council.

Furthermore, Tomáš is a member of the working group dedicated to the waste industry of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (an affiliated member of Business Europe). Later he decided to join the circular economy working group at the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.


At EucoLight, Tomáš actively participates in the Policy Working Group and Logistics Working Group.


Stephan Riemann

EucoLight Treasurer

Lightcycle Managing Director

Stephan is an economist graduate with a master in business administration, with years of experience in central and top management positions with focus on conceptual restructuring, Reorganisation and strategic sales organization.

Stephan  has a large network in the economic and relevant ministries sectors.


He has developed his career in selected stages as general manager of national and multinational companies like subsidiaries of GE Capital, and subsidiaries of the bavarian state bank, as well as country organisations of owner managed companies.

Stephan joined Lightcycle in 2012 as managing director.

Gied van Hoorn

EucoLight Board Secretary

LightRec Nederland Managing Director

Gied has been active as a professional in the Lighting industry since 1984.
-Managing director of a commercial lighting company in NL and Belgium (ERCO Lighting) for 16 years.
-Board member NLA (Dutch branch organization Lighting) from 2008-2014
-Board member LightRec NL from 2010-2014
-Board member NVMP 2015-2019.
-Managing Director LightRec NL since 2015.

At EucoLight, Gied participates in the Policy and Marketing Group of EucoLight since 2015 and was the organizer of EucoLight Congress in 2018.


Gied has a broad experience in managing the Lighting EPR of the Netherlands for lamps and also for luminaires, combined with a strong experience in the evolution of the EPR schemes in the Netherlands.

Ourania Georgoutsakou

EucoLight Board Member

LightingEurope Secretary General

Ourania Georgoutsakou joined LightingEurope as Secretary General in April 2017 with 15-years’ experience of advocating for membership associations.


Ourania worked for 5 years as Director, Public Policy Europe for SEMI, the global trade association representing the manufacturing supply chain for the semiconductor and related industries. She liaised with SEMI member companies and EU decision-makers to create a balanced regulatory environment and to promote Europe's global



Previously, Ourania worked for 10 years as Senior Policy Coordinator at the Assembly of European Regions in Brussels and Strasbourg, where she worked directly with elected regional politicians to help shape and to implement EU policies.


During her career Ourania has worked on several issues, from the EU Lisbon Treaty to the EU Services Directive, and from health and social policy to environmental rules and e-innovation. Ourania holds degrees in European Law and Policy-Making.

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